Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Writing Exercise: Interviewing Myself

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1. What's something everyone should know how to do?
Carry on a pleasant conversation with someone they do not know well.

2. What's something people should start thinking more about?
When making a purchase, no matter what it is, you are casting a vote for the product, company, etc.
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3. What's the best part of your average day?
Coming home to the pups greeting me at the door. Climbing into bed with Nick at night.
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4. What's something you would do more often if you had time?
I do not spend much time alone. It's my nature to search out company but I do feel revitalized when I take time to work on my own checklist without influence.
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5. What will you never put up with?
I have a very low tolerance for passive aggressive attitude.
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6. I have a weakness for...?
Baby animals, small children, champagne, and Nick's cologne.
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7. What has changed in your life in the past year?
I moved. I got married. I travelled back to Australia. I paid off my car. I paid off all debt. I made a commitment to move my career forward. We drove Great Ocean Road.

8. What memory will you cherish for the rest of your life?
The first three that came to mind: My first kiss with Nick. Finding out about a surprise trip to Vegas. Kaia spinning my wedding dress.  

9. What makes a friendship last a lifetime?
The best friendships are the ones that don't carry guilt, but rather can pick up where they left off. I never doubt it, I never question it, it's always there and a part of me. Even when I'm far away or we haven't talked for a bit, it makes life a little easier and a lot more fun.

10. What's something that makes you happy?
Finding myself in a puppy sandwich. Catching up with friends. Planning my next trip. Pointing out ugly items in stores and suggesting my friends purchase. Warm weather with sunshine.

11. What's an important ingredient to a healthy relationship?
Communication. Patience. Finding humor in the other person's quirks.

12. What's something you need to practice more?
Not taking everything to heart.
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13. What do you always try to avoid?
Mundane tasks. Hand washing dishes.

14. What has this past year taught you?
This quote seems to say it best:
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Please feel free to respond with your own answers and to post on your own blog.
All photos c/o Pinterest and my facebook page. Idea c/o Stumble UponMarital Bless, and Sam.