About the Author: Kerin

Hello. I started this blog in 2009 as a reminder that there is beauty in simplicity and to challenge myself to share my writing- both personal and creativeSince that time, this page has endured more editing than my current novel. My personal life has shifted dramatically. But the reasons behind this space, and my need to write, remain intact. Writing is the one thing I have always done. I have been putting stories to paper since before I could spell my name. 

My heart is tied to fiction but as a freelance writer, I am open to all sorts of projects. I like a challenge. The only writing I strain against are my own cover letters and resumes. If you are interested in any writing services, please let me know! 

I was born and raised in Boston. But I fell in love with a boy from Minnesota while studying in Australia and moved to Minneapolis in 2005 after graduating college. We lived in the Midwest together for nine years. We married on August 20th, 2011 and welcomed our daughter, Emaline on May 13, 2013. After nine years in the Midwest, we moved to New England and in 2014, purchased our first home, a few miles from the beach.

I have wonderful friends and a supportive family splattered all over the country who make traveling more of a necessity than a hobby. Nick and I have always called each other adventure partners and the term is truer now than ever before!

(Except maybe for that one time when we all almost died on a glacier!)

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