Monday, May 14, 2012

After these messages: We'll be right back.

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So much to catch up on. I want to try something new. I'm writing to say that I'm still here and I'll be writing on here again very soon. But hold on....
In the meantime, inspired by one of my favorite blogs, here are some fun links:

  • I love this idea. One of the reasons for my the name writetosimplicity, came from wanting to follow some of these rules.
  • These are great reminders
  • An easy way to do some good and a fun and educational way to make the world a better place.
  • My favorite TED talk. She speaks so well and her words are inspiring and fall very close to home.
  • A coworker just started a fun new blog and I'm really liking her recipes and design idea.
  • If you do not know Pentatonix, you should. My favorite is still probably this and here is the newest.
  • Music is good for the soul and here is the proof.
  • Wow. I will probably read this one hundred times. I get it.
I'll be back soon. Love.

What do you really love?