Tuesday, May 7, 2013

On Baby: Expected Early

Good advice right now.

On Thursday, Nick and I went to my doctor appointment and found out that they are moving the due date up one week. If she is not already here, I will be induced on May 13th (Original due date was May 19th). That is six days away.

Ever since we found out, I have been in a haze. One week early might not seem like a big deal, but there is something about tossing out the due date that threw me for a loop.

There are medical reasons behind the induction. It is not a decision based on schedules or convenience. That being said, everything is fine. There have been a number of small complications along the way. My doctor is wonderful and has been on top of everything, not letting any flag go unchecked. I trust her and I know that every decision is made with my and baby's best interest at heart.

I have been going in for weekly (and now, twice weekly) biophysicals for months. As far as medical procedures go, it's one of the most pleasant. It takes a lot of time but is an ultrasound (I would estimate we have had 17, most people have 3), followed by a non-stress test (involves drinking a CapriSun (Yum!) and monitoring the baby's heartbeat and movement.), followed by a consult with the doctor. Baby has been acing her exams, usually scoring a perfect 8/8 and that has allowed her to stay put for as long as she has.

But after being sent to a specialist, we received the recommendation to induce at 39 weeks. She is a little small, measuring about six pounds, amniotic fluid has remained steady but low, and they had previously recorded elevated pressure in the umbilical artery. The combination of these things, brought us the recommendation and ultimate decision to induce.

So there you go. Maybe more than you wanted. Maybe not enough. I had to write it all down for my own sanity and record keeping. My head is swimming with baby and delivery and so many emotions and I'm told I will forget all of this (yeah!).

Everyone around me is so excited. It is not that simple for me. I wish it was, but it's not. I cannot wait to hold my baby, to finally meet this little girl! I cannot wait for her to be a part of my life. I am thrilled at the idea of not being pregnant, of owning my body again. I am ecstatic to have my parents out here for two weeks. I am as ready as I think you can be. But I am also nervous, scared, anxious, and a thousand other things.

I told my doctor that my goal in this process is to "gather as much information as I can and then not have any expectations." And for the most part, that has worked for me. I ask a lot of questions. I read a lot. I try to prepare myself as much as possible. But when it's all said and done, there is so much out of my control.

I am taking this last bit of time to enjoy the change in weather (finally) and to prepare the house. I feel like there is so much to do but I know that breaking down cardboard and running laundry, ultimately, do not matter. But cleaning does settle my nerves so, I suppose for that reason alone, I will not fight the urge to sort clothes and clean the basement.

As you can probably tell from the disorganization of this post, my brain is not focused. I ask that you forgive my jumbled words and bear with me as this part of the journey comes to a close and a brand new chapter begins.


  1. Can't wait to meet this little peanut! I'm thinking of you guys!


  2. Everything will be perfect once you have her in your arms. I'm sure you will feel a sense of calm. You are going to be an amazing mother! You are already doing such a great job taking care of baby girl valley. (p.s. please take notes and fill me in on what to expect in sept. i'm thankful you are going through this first.:) you can teach me so much!)

  3. You are amazing, strong, and already a fabulous mother, Kerin. You, to Nick! Looking forward to meeting your little treasure.