Thursday, January 6, 2011

Breathe Deep: Set Goals

Boston from the airport window as we were leaving. Miss you already.
The holidays are so busy. It leaves me feeling almost breathless and this year left me literally with out a voice. I will write more about that later but for now, these thoughts are pushing to the front of my brain.

I have been making a lot of ToDo lists lately, except these ones are much bigger than laundry and groceries, and I have only been creating them in my mind. It is time to list out what I've been thinking.

Inspired by a new year, a pending birthday, a pending marriage, and a recent surge in friends who have done the same, I have been thinking a lot about goals. What do I want?

I am a great dreamer. I am not a great planner.

This is a living list. I will add, subtract, and cross off as appropriate because nobody can truly plan out their life and nobody knows what tomorrow will bring.

I'm very proud of our $12 fatty Christmas Tree this year

Goals for the Next 6 Months:
  • Simplify belongings by donating and selling items that are no longer in use
  • Save money according to my Mint goal plan
  • Pay off my credit card
  • Sell my car (Pay off my car)
  • Begin planning for Australia
  • Establish and maintain consistent exercise
  • Drop back into the 20's
  • Everything wedding (too much to name)
  • Find a new home and plan the move
  • Enjoy the planning process and our time being engaged.
  • Return to writing on a regular basis
  • See my friends (you know who you are) 
  • Take more pictures
I love that I can be a total goof with him and gosh he's so cute!

Goals for the next 2 years and 2 months
(aka by the big 3-0):
  • Travel to at least one new country
  • Travel to at least five new states
  • Return to Australia
  • Visit Great Ocean Road
  • Attempt snowboarding
  • Marry Nicholas
  • Have a family plan
  • Have a house plan
  • Make the big move
  • Run a half marathon
  • Attempt to write a book... just try

My Adorable niece Kaia opening a gift I gave her on Christmas morning.

    Kaia just being as sweet as can be!

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