Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blog Share: 1,001 Rules For My Unborn Son

Have you seen this blog yet?? If you have even just one minute, you should check it out. There is a book now too. I saw it at Urban Outfitters. It is such a simple idea and they are such simple rules but reading it somehow makes me feel hopeful. Some of my favorites:

474. If you choose not to own a TV, keep it to yourself.

473. You can’t drink champagne from the bottle. But you can try.

461. In battle, all cover is temporary. Keep moving.

451. You only get one chance to notice her new haircut.

402. If you aren’t hungry enough to eat an apple, you aren’t hungry.

76. Memorize the Bill of Rights and your favorite poem.

70. On a city sidewalk, walk briskly and don’t impede pedestrian traffic.
If you have to stop, move to the side.

66. Attend lots of weddings. Your friends will be there and the food is always good.

65. Read the good majority of a newspaper every day.

53. Offer your seat to a woman, no matter how old she is.

If you get to thinking you are a person of some influence,
try ordering somebody else’s dog around.

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