Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scattered: So Let's Go!

My head is scattered today. There are so many things I want to do but most of them require either lots or money or at least a plane ticket. It is like when you are in your kitchen and you keep opening your refrigerator even though you know what is in there and you are not even hungry, you just keep looking anyway. I keep pulling up the same web pages over and over as if I might find something new, something that will calm my unsettled nerves.

So far today I have occupied myself with this, this, and this. They are not new articles to me. I saved them in my favorites months ago and go back and read them to revive myself.

The tricky thing with the decorating tips is that as much as I agree with his words, I want a new home so bad that I do not want to spend my days updating the crumbling duplex that we now inhabit.

The slackerology post makes me itch for adventure (so does the -22 windchill). It makes me want to travel so bad that I spent yesterday morning searching craigslist for apartments in Sydney. The one I fell in love with is this. It looks simple and sunny and the view! Wow! It is not realistic though because in case you missed it, that $700 is per week.

Something wonderful did happen yesterday! My family friend that I wrote about here sent me an email. He included a draft of his newest book that is going to be published and has not been read by anybody except his publisher and said:  What I’m trying to do here is get you back to writing, so let’s go. Check this out and then send me something fun to read.

I thought it was only a few pages but 30 pages in Nick asked me if I was coming to bed soon. I answered yes, I just want to finish reading first. I then looked and realized it is 243 pages.

So reading and writing is the task before me. Wish me luck. Writing here is different than what I send him. I write here as I used to write in my journal. I write in my voice. I write without worrying too much about language. It is good that I do this. It gets me typing, it gets me thinking about writing outside of professional emails but it is still a long walk back to fiction.

Photo: Jeffrey Westbrook/Studio D