Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Around the House: Projects and Habits

A few weeks ago, Nick came home with a bunch of arugula for pizza. We knew it would take time to go through all of it so, as a bit of an experiment, he stuck it in a glass with water. It actually looked pretty and lasted much longer than it would have in the fridge. In the dreary winter months, any pops of green are welcome. 

Being around the house all day allows me to take on random projects. Cleaning is my favorite way to procrastinate. Yesterday, I cleaned all of the grout in the kitchen. It took a long time and was kind of a pain, but looks like a different floor.

Another project was to tidy up the basement. It is unfinished and used for laundry and storage. At some point, somebody started to put in a bathroom but never finished or put a door on the project. To close it off, I had the idea to hang a shower curtain over the door. I purchased a shower rod, circle hooks, and a simple blue curtain from Target. It actually worked really well. My only complaint is the packaging that target used to send the shower rods. Get it together Target. This is such a waste! See below:

Lastly, I have a confession to make. Last month, I read a post on Healthy Tipping Point about how she does not sort her silverware drawer. My confession is that I judged, a little. 

A few weeks later, I was sorting clothes when I realized my own oddity. I mentioned previously that I am bad at folding clothes. What I really mean is that I do not fold them. Clothes have assigned drawers but I take my pile of t-shirts and shove them into the drawer. 

With my limited clothing choices these days, I decided to sort everything. It was somewhere between jeans and long sleeves that I thought back to HTP's post. I guess we all have our own quirks. Sorry Caitlin!  

It has been two weeks since I have tackled my clothes and so far so good. It is nice being able to open my drawers and see my options. It has also helped me keep clothes off the floor. I know in a few months, I will have even more to keep neat so I'm hoping that by starting to change my habits now, it will be easier to maintain when I have tiny clothes stacking up.


  1. Crate and Barrel is also guilty of wasteful packaging. We received 4 BBQ skewers in two 12 x 6 boxes - 3 in one box and 1 in the other. What did Mother Nature ever do to you, Target and Crate & Barrel???

  2. (followed you over from C jane) I've never seen arugula that looked anything like that. That looks like Italian parsley or cilantro.

    Okay, I literally have arugula in my hand right now from my fridge and I am staring at it and my computer screen. I don't believe you!!! That's not what that is!!! lol Your husband is tricking you!