Thursday, February 14, 2013

30: Love Day and a List

 Here it is. While I slept last night, without so much as a goodbye, my twenties disappeared. I woke up and I am thirty. 

Nick took the day off and we are going to Stillwater for the afternoon. Tonight, I am going watch my friend Zacc's jazz show at the english pub up the street.  

And inspried by the list below, which is from this blog post,  Nick and I are roadtripping to Omaha tomorrow. Still taking any recommendations about the city...

Originally from January 2011:

Goals for the next 2 years and 2 months
(aka by the big 3-0):
  • Travel to at least one new country We traveled to 3 new countries! England, France, and Mexico.
  • Travel to at least five new states. We have traveled a lot but not to any new US states. 2/15 Omaha, Nebraska
  • Return to Australia 

  • Visit Great Ocean Road
  • Attempt snowboarding. I would run out and check it off but alas, baby says no.
  • Marry Nicholas  August 20th 2011

  • Have a family plan Safe to say it is more of a countdown and less of a plan.
  • Have a house plan.
  • Make the big move. I don't know how I thought this would happen as Nick is still finishing his MBA but I suppose, a girl can dream.
  • Run a half marathon. Dare I say next year?
  • Attempt to write a book... just try

    Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! 

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