Monday, December 20, 2010

The Chuas: Living If

Wedding on the top of Mt Kilimanjaro
Two of my best friends in Minnesota are doing something so incredibly adventurous, something that most people dream about but very few people actually do. They are putting what they need into a backpack and are setting off to travel the world for the next few years!!

They have been talking seriously about it for about two years. They got married with the intention to join the peace corps (you have to be married to be placed together) and last spring they decided it was time to put a plan in place. They evaluated their spending to start saving some serious money, enrolled in, and started researching locations.

I don't remember when they decided that they would be ready to leave by the end of December 2010 but I remember thinking how far away it seemed. Now, it feels as though that just happened and I can't believe they are actually leaving. I am so excited for them! I cannot wait to live vicariously through them, to hear their stories, see their pictures, and know that they are living their "if". I am so proud of them for that and so happy to call them my friends.

My excitement and pride does come with a tinge of jealousy and buckets of sadness. Matt and Erica have been wonderful supportive friends. They are spontaneous, funny, interesting, smart, and they have great taste in food, beer, and friends. They have been living three blocks away from Nick and I for three years now. They are the go-to friends for dinner, happy hour, and really any random event that comes up. They know more about our relationship than most of our friends and we know theirs. If they are able to make it to our wedding, Matt is a groomsman. If they are caught on a mountain somewhere, then we will just have to plan to meet up with them somewhere new and exotic.

They are launching a travel blog. They haven't left the state yet and it is already detailed, captivating, and distracting me from work. You can follow them HERE!

 I'll miss you guys...


  1. Kerin, we miss you and Nick! Thanks for the shout out and I hope you have been visiting us at

  2. We miss you Kerin. I think it is time you sell all your stuff and come join us!