Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Django Might Still Be Chained: Date Interrupted

This week has been rough! Any weekend that you find yourself at Walgreens at 2:00am is either great or terrible and leans toward the negative.


Saturday night, Nick and I went on a date. We went out to eat at Prime Bar in Uptown and then went to see Django at the Lagoon. It was fun until about two-thirds into the movie.

I started having stomach pain. It got too uncomfortable to continue sitting so I got up to figure out what was wrong. I went to the bathroom and then called my Mom to ask what contractions feel like. I had never had pain like that and was hoping to rule out anything serious. 

For a little comedic relief:
Kerin: "Hey Dad, can I talk to Mom? Nick and I are at the movies watching Django but I have to talk to her."
Dad: "The movies? Bingo? What's that?"
Kerin: "Django. The new Quentin Tarantino movie."
Dad: "Dingo? I've never heard of that. What's it about?"

After telling him about the movie's recent accolades and that I was calling because of something medical, she got on the phone.

She was concerned about the pain (naturally) and was not able to rule anything out. After talking to her and trying (and failing) to get in touch with my doctor, I realized I would have to go to the emergency room. As I came to this conclusion, I turned to find Nick standing over me. I tried to keep him calm and told him that it was not an emergency but that we did need to go to the hospital.

Nick told me later that he ran as fast as he could to his car. (so much for me keeping him calm). We went to the hospital where we will deliver and I was wheeled to what they kept referring to as Mac ( found out later it stands for Maternal Assessment Center). They performed a number of tests including an ultrasound, monitored heartbeat, looked for contractions, checked to make sure my water hadn't broken, and a few other not fun tests. They did not find anything and sent me home with medication for a possible bladder infection. Cue the late night Walgreens.

On Monday, I still had the pain and received a message from my doctor that I do not have an infection and to stop taking the medicine. Normally not having an infection would be a good thing. But in this case, it left me with mysterious pain. What made it worse, I was having trouble getting in to see my doctor. The physical pain mixed with the frustration was almost too much.

When I woke up Tuesday, the pain was gone. It's now Wednesday night and has not come back. I am cautiously optimistic.

What saved my sanity on Monday were the voices of wisdom that I was able to reach out to. My Mom is a nurse, my best friend is a doctor, and her husband is a doctor. Between the three of them, I have access to priceless knowledge. I would give anything to have them down the street but I am so grateful to have them a phone call away. Mom, Kris, and Steve - Thank you!!!

As for the movie, I really want to see the end!!

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  1. We love you and are always here for you!! So glad you are feeling better!