Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas: Baby Valley is a....

It is sort of my first day back after an extended break. Nick and I were in Boston for six days over Christmas. It was longer than the majority of our trips east but it was probably the busiest. We had something planned every day. It made the days fly and though we did our best to see everyone, it just was not possible.

Probably my favorite moment of the trip was surprising my family with the gender of the baby. Nick and I found out the news on Thursday (three days prior to arriving in Boston) and I wanted so badly to celebrate with them in person. I told them they would know on Christmas morning. I planned the surprise for Christmas Eve but technically, they did know on Christmas morning. 

Every year we attend a party at my Aunt Tina's house. It is the part of Christmas I look forward to the most. The house is filled with extended family and old friends. My Great-Aunt Jeanne plays piano and we sing Christmas Carols. Santa shows up and hands out presents to the little kids. When we arrived at the party I quietly went upstairs and found Santa's bag of presents. I slipped in the card, addressed it to my Mom and Dad, and rejoined the party.

A short time later, Santa's bells started ringing to announce his arrival. It's the same every year. Everyone stops what they're doing and gathers in the living room. You can hear every child saying his name in anticipation.

It was the first time since I was a child, that the jingle jingle gave me butterflies. I was so nervous. When Santa called my parents up to sit on his lap, they did not think anything of it, convinced it was a joke by one of my uncles.

Half in conversation, my Mom tore open the wrapping paper to find a sealed envelope. Still she had no clue. I gestured to my sisters that they should pay attention. They did not catch on right away but started to suspect something was up.

My Mom barely paying attention to her "gag" gift. I'm trying to remain calm, my Aunt Tina, knew what was up.
 As my Mom opened the card and read the words, She yelled out and pushed the card shut. She was smiling and wide eyed staring at my Dad, who had not yet seen what it was. My sisters realized what was happening and rushed to find out for themselves.

"What? What is it?" My Dad shouted, trying to pry the card from her hands. Quickly my sisters were at their side. My Mom, still stunned and hugging the card yelled out, "It's a girl!"

My sisters reacting to the news!

Dress hides the bump well but not my tired eye.
Merry Christmas!! 

PS: A special thanks to Ellie who knew to have her camera ready. All Christmas Eve photos c/o Ellie Rice.