Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Writing Decisions: Rev It Up

Some people are just made to inspire. They have the voice, the enthusiasm, the spirit and the ability to make you believe.

My father has a lifelong friend and, well, their friendship story deserves its own post. But for this post I will say that every time I talk to this friend- I want to go out and conquer the world. I'm pretty sure if he walked around with me all of the time that I would own a company or a country or something equivalently cool and impressive.

He is somebody who has overcome a lot of obstacles in his life and has had a lot of success. He squeezes life like a lemon into his glass and enjoys every drop.

He is the wise mentor and I am the eager student. We talk writing. I don't do that enough. It is refreshing.

As we hung up the phone I thanked him for his kind words and and his support. He responded like he was my coach and I was running back onto the field after half time,

"You gotta rev it up! Rev it up!"

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