Monday, October 27, 2014

Guest Week: Talent to Share

This week, Write to Simplicity is being taken over by talented women. People I know, who have something to offer, an art that needs to be shared. You can book them or order from them. They have business cards or etsy shops. But mostly they have tremendous talent and expertise.

I am inspired by people who are brave enough to share their creativity with the world. Sometimes that means pursuing a dream full time, for others it is something that exists in the moments between work. Either way, it is recognizing a passion and chasing that spark until it catches.

For that I applaud: Jessica, Theresa, Ashley, Rachel, and Elise.

Day one: instead of a guest post, I have something else.

When I met Jessica, only a few weeks ago, she told me that she was a professional singer. Still, I was amazed when I got a chance to hear what she can do. Although I have tried, I must admit that I lack the words to express what she is able to accomplish with her voice. She sings the way writers want to write and painters want to paint. It is an expression of art that is incredible to witness. Instead of her written word, I have this!!!!