Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Twenty Seven: Reviewed

Although my birthday is not here yet, it is not far away. I know that because when I walk into Target, Valentine's cards and decorations are capping the aisles and Conversation Hearts are easily found. My birthday is on Valentine's Day so the pink and red of the season feels like a reminder of age more so than love.

The 27th year in trips:
  • February:  San Francisco to see Kris. Napa with Kris, the night she told me I was going to Vegas, driving in her suv dancing to the radio.
  • April: Vegas for Kris's bachelorette party! VIP in Vegas, TAO, Bellagio brunch, Theresa's magic tricks, winning at blackjack
  • May: Caron wedding in Madison. Home to Boston for the Rice wedding (groomswoman) and to Rhode Island for the Caisse wedding (bridesmaid)
  • June: Cincinatti for the Zitelli wedding (bridesmaid). I didn't know it then but Nick asked my parents permission. Gong reunion.
  • July: Engagement! Rhode trip to Illinois for a new car. Vacations to the cabin.
  • August: Home to Boston to find a wedding venue and fall in love with the Omni Parker House.
  • October: My parents and Tracy come to visit, Nick and I get engagement photos taken, and I buy my wedding dress. Sam and I roadtrip for the second time to Finley, North Dakota. We drive out to a wind farm (which is way cooler than it sounds)
  • December: Christmas in Boston and skiing in New Hampshire.
Plans for 28: Boston. New Hampshire. Missouri. South Dakota. Australia!!!

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