Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer 2011: Turn, Turn, Turn

This summer has been keeping me on my toes and with little time for writing creatively as all of that energy has been put toward planning a wedding. I wouldn't trade it for anything, despite the nervousness that has settled somewhere between my throat and my stomach. What are you nervous about? I keep getting asked. Really?? I would be nervous if I wasn't nervous (ha!).

July 6th we moved into our new home after living with Nick's family for a week. The house is unpacked in the sense that we live there and we can show people rooms and they think they look nice (with the exception of our offices) but there is still so much to do and for now, that is okay.

July 22nd we had our Minnesota Send-Off Party. It was the reception prior to our wedding, held for all of our friends and family in Minnesota that are not able to join us in Boston. It was a great idea that Nick's Dad presented to us last summer and with his financial support, how could we say no? It was a great party and a wonderful success. There were more emotional moments than I expected. My Mom and Nick's Dad gave lovely toasts. My friend Joel sang the most BEAUTIFUL rendition of Unchained Melody that I have ever heard. And Nick pulled me up to the microphone when he went up to thank everyone and he surprised me with unofficial vows. Gosh he's cute! I thought I would have cried but instead I was smiling so hard my jaw hurt the next day. Now that's joy!

I was in Boston this past weekend for a family friend's wedding, my hair trial, and to bring my wedding dress home. It was a great trip. It was so nice to be home. The highlight for me was coming downstairs to show my sister and her baby my wedding dress. My 19-month-old niece came up to me with a big smile on her face, hands outstretched, and walked around me in circles saying "Turn Arouuunnd, Turrrnn Arooound" as she carefully spun me and touched the fabric. Babies don't lie and this baby sure liked my dress.

I have to say that the biggest thing I will take away from the craziness of these past few month, is appreciation for friends that have gone out of their way to celebrate with us. The love and support that certain friends have shown is staggering and I can't wait for a chance to shine the love back on them.

Wisconsin Dells Girls Weekend!

Minneapolis Bachelorette

Surprise Boston Bachelorette!

Boston Shower
Two weeks from today, I leave for Boston!!! Unbelievable! I hope to be able to write before that time.

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  1. Thanks for posting the picture where I'm superimposed in with you guys. People are going to think "Awww, she's even including the friend who has a problem". :)