Friday, August 12, 2011

TGIF: Stumbling Through 8 Days

I'm sure this comes as a shock but it is really hard to be at work today. My hope is that if I write a little bit and then make my zillionth to do list that it will shake off some of my nervous/excited/anxious energy.

I have not been as focused this week as maybe I should be. Not on the wedding, not on eating well, not on getting enough sleep. Wednesday we went to the Red Sox/Twins game and I accidentally got a little drunk. Yesterday I went to Sam's fringe show. It was hilarious! I didn't get home until almost 9pm and then I just read and went to sleep. But despite all of this, I still feel like we are on top of things. We do not have any plans this weekend, outside of my salon appointment, so we can finish our DIY place cards and wrap up some other details. We leave on Tuesday evening for Boston. I need to make sure I am staying ahead of my work.

Today I bought this and this. The dress is to wear on wedding day while I am getting ready and the pocket book is because I do not have one.

In the spirit of randomness let me share with you some other fun things that I found.
  • This blog makes me want to spend time being girly.
  • This should be read when you need to shake off a bad morning. 
  • This dress makes me wish I found it three months ago.
Have you started stumbling yet?? Oh man it's addicting. As a friend said, "Once you think you've found the end of the internet, you start stumbling and you realize there is no end"
How cool are these sinks? c/o stumble upon.

This livingroom with the library would be a dream!

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