Friday, April 1, 2011

Daily Inspiration: Wedding Blogs

I have truly enjoyed being engaged. Planning our wedding has been a gift and I know I will look back at this year with joy. When we got engaged people kept tellnig me to make sure I appreciate this time as it is special and the only time in your life where you you be in this position. They are right and I even when I get stressed, I try to remind myself how lucky we are.

Part of the joy in planning has been the discovery of wedding blogs. I think I will keep reading them post nuptuals. They are bright and thoughtful. A few of my favorites are Ruffled, Green Wedding Shoes, Engaged and Inpired, and Beantown Bride Blog. I actually found my photographer through one of these but weirdly can't remember which one.
A real wedding posted on Engaged and Inspired.
This ceremony made me whisper a dragged out WOW at my desk at work.

 Do you have a wedding blog that I should know about??

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