Thursday, January 22, 2015

Simplify: Simplify

Have you ever noticed that when something is on your mind that it starts to pop up everywhere? I don't know if that is what I am experiencing or if there has actually been a shift. But it feels like simple is the new buzzword. As though advertisers, marketers, writers, bloggers, etc have a new found focus on less.

And it makes sense. In a culture that is so inundated with... well, everything- a comforting sssshhhhh seems in order. A nod to say that it is okay to slow down, to look up from your phone, to hang out with the people in front of you without responding to that text right now.

I named my blog with the hope that I would pursue simplicity. And for the first time, I am. A few months ago, I stumbled upon minimalism and was inspired. I love reading the blogs, some are too intense for me, but they all have something to offer. (You can see the ones I read if you scroll down to my favorite blogs.)  I am not a minimalist but I'm leaning in and learning more. The ideas are refreshing.

I have been going through my belongings, picking up each item and thinking about the why. We have moved twice in the past year and I am astounded what made it through the transition. Items that have been dragging along behind me, slowing me down. CDs, old books, worn clothes, extra sets, abandoned electronics. It takes time to clear away and to decide. Sometimes I come back to something two or three times, to dig a little deeper- donate, sell, give away

It is nice to shed the weight, the stuff. I watch it fall away and once gone, it is forgotten. I do not regret anything that I let go. It is not easy but it is addicting and liberating! I am clearing space to discover what is useful and beautiful.

This doesn't mean I won't buy things or that our walls will be empty. It does mean that my purchases will be intentional. And Emaline's stuff has mostly been untouched. Her closet, toy boxes, and bookshelves remain full. If she uses it, it has a place.

In doing this, I feel closer to creating the home that is right for my family.

Less to clean, organize, wash, fold. Less looking for misplaced items. Fewer boxes, fewer distractions. More reading to Emaline, more chances to write. More time with the people I love.

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