Friday, April 9, 2010

Something to think about: Jeans

Today I was searching the website of one of my favorite clothing stores and I saw that my favorite pair of jeans (that I recently ripped) was marked down from $70 to $20. Heck yeah, I wanted to buy! So I click on them and go to choose my size and screeeeech to a stop when I realize the only size available is a.... 00 Long!! Double.. Zero.. Long.. What? Are there people outside of supermodels that could wear that?? Seriously, are there?

I used to want to open up a store called something like "Customsize". It would sell jeans. The idea is that the customer gets to design the jeans. You pick the color, the fade, the stretch, etc and then, AND THEN, you are measured and the jeans are designed to fit YOU. Amazing right?? I know it would probably be kinda spendy but I know a lot of women (maybe men too) who would pay a little extra if they could get what they really want. And I really want.

Final thought on jeans: Next time you are somewhere crowded: a concert, a restaurant, a bus. Look around and notice all of the people wearing jeans. Have you ever thought that it's kind of weird that everybody walks around wearing blue pants?

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