Friday, June 18, 2010

Books: What's on Your Shelf?

As mush as I love to read, summer reading assignments always ended the same way. Locked in my room the day before school started, skimming the pages of the skinniest books on the list. I don't know why it is but when reading is required, it's never as much fun.

After I graduated college I really missed talking about books. In an effort to remedy that situation and make new friends, I joined a book club. It was a massive failure. The only difference between that and summer reading was that it was self inflicted. I quit after only two partially read books.

I love having a list in my head of books I want to read and selecting one when the mood strikes. Right now though I am finding my list dwindling. I need suggestions. Please. Let me know. What are some of your favorites? Classics. Contemporary.

The Bell Jar
Mr. Lincoln's Wars
Water for Elephants
Eat Pray Love
Kite Runner
Secret Life of Bees
The Master Butcher's Singing Club (really anything by Louise Erdrich)
Song of Solomon (Really anything by Toni Morrison)

Last 5 Books:

Yesterday's Weather

The Tipping Point
City of Thieves
The Last Report on the Miracle at Little No Horse

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  1. Hi, when is the story going to hit the blog? Now I feel like a bad friend, but I thought you'd be quick to write it up!!!!