Thursday, June 17, 2010

Four Weddings in Four Weeks: Some of My Favorites Get Married

To recreate this past month:
Mix : 1 part new awesome job
8 parts great friends who are getting married
4 parts different states.
Shake thoroughly and pour over the beginning of your summer.

It's so funny the way time works itself out. Four of my closest friends got married within a four week time period. I feel honored, blessed, lucky (whatever you want to call it) to have been a part of their amazing days and they were amazing!

Every friend who celebrated their wedding in the past month is from a completely different part of my life. Each one so important. Each one so much a part of who I am and I am grateful for what their presence brings to my life.

Wedding #1. May 22nd. Krystal and Eric. Together 5 years.
Two of my closest friends in the Midwest. Krystal and I used to be coworkers and now we enjoy drinking wine, grilling out, and talking about our puppies the way way many talk about their children. She and Eric are a great match and a wonderful balance. Minnesota wouldn't be as nice without them.

Wedding #2. May 29th. Adam and Ellie. Together 9 years.
Adam is my cousin. We are the same age and we have always been close. We used to play inspector gadget, ninja turtles, and as we got older he was my favorite guy to have a beer (or more honestly a hard lemonade) with. We have been through everything together. His wife Ellie is lovely. I love her and I love her for him. I realized at their wedding that Adam's oldest friends are my oldest friends and that's pretty cool.

Wedding #3. May 30th. Tracy and Eric. Together 7 years.
Tracy was my roommate in college. Her I were once dubbed Team Chic at a party after beating a bunch of boys at beer pong. From day one, Tre and I clicked and I knew she'd be a close friend. She and Eric truly have grown up together and it has been so fun to have been witness to their love story. Tre and Eric are part of my core group of college friends so in a selfish way, as well, I love them together!!

Wedding #4. June 12th. Kris and Steve. Together 4 years.
Kris and I met in Australia as you have already read all about that. Kris and Steve are wonderful together. They love each other so much and so well. Kris is a girl that boys fall for and Steve is the right one for her to be with. I got to be with her for days leading up to and after her marriage and it was an absolute blessing to be so involved in her wedding. Another fabulous perk was the reunion of our Australia crew which is a rare event that caused me to cry from happiness. I love these people like family.

As you can see nick and I had some fun together...

Dances, cakes, pies, chocolates, cheers,
Laughter, friends, dresses, shoes, tears,
Champagne, bobbypins, kisses, gifts, and beers
Friends promising love to one another for all the coming years!


  1. Um, hi. I'm having severe hair envy. Love all of the pictures. Glad you survived and I wonder how much of a treasure in bobby pins you have, as mentioned above lol!

  2. This post made me all teary eyed. You're so adorable and so sweet!