Monday, September 26, 2011

Music: A Simple List

I have been to a lot of concerts. My parents started bringing me to shows when I was very little. Roy Orbison was my first. I was five or six. I slept the whole way to the show and my parents started wondering if they should have left me at home. When the show started though, I climbed on my seat and pumped my chubby little arms until it was time to go. My memory of it is vague. I remember he had a pony tail and that the stage rotated. But mostly I remember how much I loved being there.

My father's list of concerts attended could put me to shame. He has seen a million shows and his list is still growing. The funny thing about my inherited love for music is that when I was in high school my Dad would tell me I was spending too much time/ money/ interest on shows and that I should spend more time studying/ doing homework. Today as I was working on the list, I called my parents to ask if they could help me remember some of the oldies shows and my Dad was so excited that I was putting this together.

Note the variety of acts. Oldies to HipHop to Alternative to Pop. There is a funny balance of one hit wonders and music legends. I listed them by performer and not neccesarily individual concerts. I know I am forgetting some names and I will be attending a few more this fall so the list will grow but here goes....

1. Roy Orbison
2. Belinda Carlisle
3. New Kids on the Block
4. Beach Boys (x3)
5. Dion (x2)
6. Lou Christie
7. Chubby Checker
8. Backstreet Boys (x3)
9. Nsync
10. Britney Spears
11. Christina Aguilera
12. Justin Timberlake
13. John Mayer (x2)
14. Third Eye Blind (x7)
15. Counting Crows (x2)
16. GooGoo Dolls (x3)
17. Nine Days
18. Tonic
19. Maroon5
20. Wyclef Jean
21. Lifehouse
22. Matchbox20
23. Five for Fighting
24. David Gray
25. JaRule
26. Ashanti
27. Aerosmith
28. Lillix
29. Jason Mraz
30. Bowling for Soup
31. Frankie J
32. Lisa Marie Presley
33. Stacie Oricco
34. Jewel
35. Jennifer Love Hewitt
36. Uncle Kracker
37. Simple Plan
38. Amanda Perez
39. Dream
40. Michelle Branch (x2)
41. Wayne Wonder
42. TLC
43. Daniel Bedingfield
44. Celine Dion
45. Joey McIntyre
46. Jordan Knight
47. Mary J. Blige
48. Alicia Keys
49. Avril Lavigne (x2)
50. Pink
51. No Doubt
52. Shakira
53. Alanis Morisette
54. Marc Anthony
55. The Fray
56. Vanessa Carlton
57. Ben Folds (x3)
58. Aaron Carter
59. Barenaked Ladies
60. Edwin McCain
61. Jason Mraz (x2)
62. Dido
63. DuranDuran
64. Vertical Horizon (x2)
65. Def Leppard
66. Guster
67. MXPX
68. Cyprus Hill
69. Offspring
70. Ben Harper
71. Jack Black
72. Beastie Boys
73. The Corrs
74. Savage Garden
75. Tristan Prettyman
76. Billy Joel
77. Jimmy Eat World
78. Blink182
79. The Cat Empire
80. Three Doors Down
81. Dave Matthews (x4)
82. Incubus
83. John Butler Trio
84. Mike Doughty
85.Jessica Simpson
86. No Authority
87. 98 Degrees
88. LFO
89. Boyz N Girlz United
90. Rilo Kiley
91. Coldplay
92. Howie Day 
93. Holdsteady
94. Cloud Cult
95. Mars Volta
96. Semisonic
97. Gene Pitney
98. Johnny Rivers
99. DeeDee Sharp
100. Shaggy
101. Spoon
102. Rural Albert Advantage
103. The Head and the Heart (x2)
104. Imagine Dragons

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