Friday, October 7, 2011

Wedding Photos: They are here!!

Our photos have finally been posted on our photographer's blog and they are outstanding! I absolutely adore each one and I cannot stop looking them over. She is mailing a proof book to our house but until then, I have her beautiful blog to look at.

Nick let me have my way with choosing photographers. He was too busy with work and school to invest time in looking for photographers. He wanted to be involved, but I was captain of this project. We both believe that the photographer is one of the most important pieces of the day and so I spent a lot of time looking at blogs, scrolling through photos, and emailing photographers.

From the moment I came across Tyra, nobody else even came close. These photos and these photos told me I just had to have her. In addition to having the most gorgeous photos I have ever seen, she responded to my emails quickly, she has an easy-going personality, and most importantly- she really loves what she does.

Nick: "She is REALLY good. She made it look like I can dance!!"

Her name is Tyra Bleek, she is from Washington state but lives in Boston. She is petite, kind, fun to work with, and incredibly talented. I found her through this blog and we began emailing. It took Nick and I awhile to make our final decision but once we did, we made plans to meet up next time we were in town. We met Tyra, in person, only once before the wedding.We had a beer at her favorite restaurant in Boston and we liked her right away. I read her blog regularly so between her photo posts and her wedding tips, I felt like I knew what to expect.

I have looked at her photos a million times but until you see your own photos, you still carry worry. Not about the photographer but about yourself. I am overly critical of myself, especially in photos. My family gets irritated with me regarding this and although they wouldn't dare say anything, I am sure they were nervous about whether I would be content with the outcome.

The photographs are amazing to me! Not only are they lovely but the memories that they conjure up, the moments that were caught with a lens are priceless.

A moment I would never have seen otherwise. Two great-uncles from opposite sides of the family. I treasure this photo.

Wish I knew what they are laughing about but I love!

My friend Sam stepped outside and thought she was alone. Upon seeing this picture Sam: "She really was everywhere!"

I love this man with my whole heart.

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