Monday, June 18, 2012

Ticking Clock: Surprise Destination

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A few months prior to my wedding, I met with three of my girlfriends for dinner. "The hens" (as we were nicknamed by one of the husbands) get together on a regular basis to catch-up. We could sit and chat forever. We always have fun and laugh a lot! There is really nothing off limits for us to talk about.

Two of the girls have been on similar tracks in their relationships as Nick and I: from moving in together to puppies to engagement rings. It has been nice to have friends who understand what is happening in that moment: the good, the bad, and the ridiculous.

I nearly chocked on my pizza when they both announced that they were ready for babies. I was shocked. Maybe I should not have been. They are married. They own houses. But still, I was. After the initial shock, I realized that for the first time, I did not want to follow in their footsteps, not yet.

I went home that evening and told Nick their news and my reaction to it. As honestly as I could, I told him the first thought that went through my head when they told me. What flashed through my head was that I had not yet been to Paris. He was not surprised by their news, he was surprised by me.


The trip was not something I had been dreaming of. It is not something we had previously discussed. But when I was faced with the possibility of moving into the next phase of life, Paris birthed itself into something that had to be done.

Nick was silent for a moment before responding, Well, I suppose we need to go to Paris.

Since that time, both girls got pregnant, one baby was born in May, the other is due in September. In addition to them, it seems like everybody else I know has jumped aboard the baby express. Just in May and June:

Welcome Amelia, Colin, Caroline, Hudson, Lucy, Henry, Theron, and Isabelle!
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On Monday, Nick came home from work and as part of the conversation we were having, asked me what he is good at as a husband. He reminded me that I occasionally ask if I am a good wife, so now he is turning the tables. I listed off a number of truths: Smart, handsome, playful, supportive.

Do you know what else I am good at? He asked with a smirk. Buying plane tickets.

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We are going to London and Paris!! We are going for a week at the end of August!! I'm so excited! Of all the amazing things that we will do, I just keep imagining a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower. It's pretty wonderful when a dream that you did not even know you had, comes to life.

Any London or Paris recommendations are welcome.

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  1. Visit Sacré-Coeur! It is on a hill and you can see a lovely view of Paris from it. Especially at night with all the lights.

    OR do this. Please. If not for you, for me. :)