Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome July: Remember the Day

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It is the start of my favorite month. July is what I wait for all year. I love summer and long days and warm nights.

July also holds a lot of memories for me and the way I remember those moments is to remember the dates. For example, I remember that Nick and I got engaged the Friday of Fourth of July weekend. The night after we got engaged, we went to a Holdsteady concert and it was my friend Sarah's birthday, July 3rd. The Fourth of July was the following day. Therefore, Nick and I got engaged on July 2nd and now I remember that night and the weekend that followed.

Nick teases me because as a result of this, I remind him of multiple anniversaries.
  • July 5th: I left for Australia.
  • July 6th: I spent the day securing a new passport. See more about that here.
  • July 7th: disappeared as I flew across the globe.
  • July 8th, 2004: I met Nick (and Kris and Carlos and Adam and Kat and Ketlynne etc)
  • July 23rd: Nick and I kissed for the first time. I have written in a journal. Also the night was eventful as we had been out with friends and claimed the night to be Kris' unbirthday. That is a story I should write at a later time.
For the past seven years, we have held the 23rd as our anniversary. Last year we got married on August 20th and as tradition has it, that anniversary overrides the old one. The issue is that July 23rd will mark eight years of being together, August 20th will only mark one. I am not asking for jewely or fancy dinners but I am going to continue pushing for at least two anniversaries, maybe three. It is an excuse to spend time together, it is a reminder of what is important, and as time moves forward, it will help us remember.

Speaking of dates, June 28th is Nick's birthday. He turned 30 and we celebrated the whole weekend. He is feeling old but he's just as cute now as he was when I spotted him on the bus eight years ago.

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