Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pause: Unplanned

 It is Saturday night and I am home thinking about health, wellness, and what's next.

The last few weeks have thrown a number of surprising twists. Unfortunately, most of them have been difficult.

And when you are getting shuffled by life, you hold onto comforts and wait for the ground to stabilize.

Nick and I planned to use this weekend to recover. We wanted to find a nice balance between socializing with friends and family downtime. We had a plethora of potential plans this weekend. So many possibilities that I was overwhelmed at how to spend our time.

It was all for nothing because everything fell through. We turned down some plans and others were cancelled on us. Today's plans got cancelled and uncancelled and cancelled again when Nick came down with a stomach bug. And so I am home, nursing a baby and watching Emaline.

It is not the weekend we intended but maybe, instead of fighting the waves, we need to turn around and let the tide take us back to shore.

No matter what, this girl always makes me happy.

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