Monday, November 3, 2014

Guest Post: Rachel Running Wild

Today's Post is by Rachel from Rachel Running Wild! Rachel is creative, talented, and has always been passionate about local and sustainable resources. She has found a way to combine these strengths to build a flourishing brand. AND she is offering a special promo for Write to Simplicity readers! Thank you Rachel!

Hi, I'm Rachel from the blog Rachel Running Wild and the Etsy shop Running Wild Designs! My shop is a boutique of modern organic-cotton and bamboo-fabric accessories for all you hip mamas; my blog is a hub for DIY (tips, tricks, and... flops), lifestyle talk, photography, and shop updates.

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My brand has recently been experiencing some really exciting growth and to complement the excitement, last month we added a monthly newsletter, The Running Wild Newsletter, to the brand! The newsletter is released in the first week of every month and is chock-full of foodie talk, drool-worthy photography, promo codes, behind the scenes shop updates, and as many other goodies as I'm able to come up with.

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I've found that reaching out to my readers on different platforms keeps my writing voice fresh and content exciting - plus aren't monthly subscription services awesome?! exactly. That's the same level of excitement we're bringing to your email in the first week of every month. bam.
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I grew up on a Wisconsin dairy farm and learned how to sew with my Grandma by hemming my Dad's old farm jeans. It was definitely nothing fancy and it certainly wasn't love at first sight, but now I look back at those sewing lessons with nostalgia. Since those early sewing lessons with Grandma, I've trained with a professional seamstress and from there I've filled in the blanks with self-taught instruction.
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I've always had an interest in sustainability and the impact small businesses can have on local economy but it wasn't until three years ago when I struck a passion for entrepreneurship that I had the idea to start my own small biz.

I've now been running my Etsy shop for a little over a year and I'm in the process of growing to accommodate wholesale orders!This process is so exhilarating but to be honest, it's also scary sometimes. There are moments when I feel so completely alone in my pursuit of this small-biz dream. I think we all have moments like these though, when we doubt ourselves and want to hide from something unknown. But the simple reminder that it's this path that's less traveled which makes the journey so much more thrilling, is what gives me the confidence to punch my self-doubt in the face and keep pursuing this adventure. This crazy, unknown adventure.

Please tell me you have these moments too??

P.S. Did you catch that promo code? Visit the Running Wild Designs shop and use promo code "hipsimplicityreader" at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

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