Friday, November 18, 2011

Lost in Translation: Baseball

Lost in the clutter of my rough week is something wonderful: We purchased our tickets to Australia!

We are leaving in a little over a month and are gone for almost three weeks! I'm so excited!!

There is still a lot of planning to be done. We have not booked hotels or finalized any plans. It doesn't matter. Because by Christmas, Nick and I will be wondering around Sydney!

One of the big pieces of our trip is meeting up with friends. We will be seeing our LivingIf friends and will be meeting up with our favorite Australian, Jonno.

Jonno and I on one of his trips to the states.

Jonno and I have been sending emails back and forth to figure out when we will meet up. While he's on my mind, let me tell you a funny Jonno story:

In October of 2004, I was on a road trip with Jonno and Kris. If you remember anything about me, it may be that during this time I was in Australia or that I am from Boston. If you remember anything about baseball, it may be that this was the magic year for my team.

I had already watched the Red Sox win against the Yankees and had tried unsuccessfully to watch the World Series. I knew the result of each game but being on the other side of the world and so many hours ahead of America, in remote towns, driving for hours on end in Jonno's little yellow car, it was hard to keep track.

We were driving back from Byron Bay and had stopped for the night in the middle of nowhere at a motel that seemed to be straight out of a horror movie. It was late and we were exhausted from the long drive.

Kris had fallen asleep and Jonno and I were awake and watching a stupid movie on TV. I was dozing off when the television went to commercial. A female news anchor was on and talking about a weekly sports wrap up.

"This week in cricket.... The week in rugby.... And in an American side note, the Boston Red Sox have broken an 86 year curse to go on and win the World Series."

Before I knew what has happening, I was out of my covers, screaming, and leaping from bed to bed. After bouncing around the room, I tried to wake Kris to no avail. I screamed some more and finally settled back onto my bed, wired, and so happy.

It took me a few minutes to register the look on Jonno's face- total confusion. He was staring at me and I knew he wanted to celebrate but also maybe thought I had lost my mind.

So I tried to calm myself to a speaking voice, and in one long breath I tried to explain. I told him about the curse, Babe Ruth, Fenway Park, the Yankees, the almost victories, and what this means to me, my family, my city, and all the serious fans who had waited so long to have this moment.

When I finished talking, I paused and waited for his response. The look of confusion lingered on his face. He titled his head to the side and let out each word as though I had misspoken, "I thought Babe Ruth played for the Knicks?"

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