Friday, November 4, 2011

Looking Forward: Are we there yet?

I'm starting to realize how often I believe that I'm on the edge of something new. Going back through my blog I remember feeling that way here and here. I am always looking forward to the next big thing. There are so many quotes out there about how that's not good thing to do- life's a journey, not a destination etc. But it's hard to stop myself. Those events, trips, experiences are getting closer and becoming more real and it pushes my thoughts out of my cubicle and to a place that is much brighter.
  • We are going to see Aziz Ansari this weekend at a resort/casino and spending the night. My friend Jon turns 30 next week and he is going to the show with his wife and another couple. Little does he know that a group of us are surprising him and joining him for a night of slot machines, black jack, indoor pools, and stories about Kanye West. Right now the plan is to fill the bar area with balloons and start the night with a round of birthday drinks. I have been helping his wife plan and I cannot wait for the surprise and then to follow that up with chicky chicky parm parm!

  • I officially paid off my car yesterday! In addition to that, I am so so close to being 100% debt free. It is something that I have been working on for quite awhile and cannot wait for that feeling of accomplishment

  • We decided to take our big honeymoon (A trip back to Australia where it all began) in December. When we decided this, winter felt a million years away and it was nearly impossible for me to grasp that we are actually going back to Australia. Even now, typing it makes it a little more real, WE ARE GOING TO AUSTRALIA!

  • Finally the hardest to say and the most important - I am starting to make some real plans to make a huge career change. I want to write. I no longer want to pursue anything that doesn't get me closer to my goal of being a writer. Putting this out there in blog world, regardless of who reads it, is a contract to myself. I have been telling friends in hopes of making connections and Nick and I have had numerous conversations about the logistics. In addition to being handsome, smart, and funny- Nick is also incredibly supportive of this dream and has been encouraging me for quite some time.  

So there you go. These are the reasons that work cannot keep my attention. These are the reasons that I have so much focus on tomorrow, next week, and next year. Wish me luck and I will do my best to be as open on here as I can.

PS: In another move to push myself outside of my comfort zone and to share my writing with a larger group, I have shared my blog with my Mom and Dad. I know it seems silly but sometimes it's easier to write to strangers than to your own parents. Sooo Hi Kim and Bill!!

And because it is Friday, here are some things that are getting me through the day:  

Lambs are not good with direction. This makes me laugh so much!

A really good cover of one of my all time favorite songs.


  1. I hope Jon doesn't read your blog so his surprise remains a surprise. I'm excited! Get it gurrrl! (in reference to your writing dreams, of course)

  2. great pic of dad and I!! Go for your dream girl!! love you...Mom

  3. Loving pic of Kim and Bill!
    Good to know that life after the amazing wedding is eventful, and hoping it continues to be the same, so I can keep reading about your endeavors.